Food and drink writing

I go to bed reading recipe books and wake up with the day's meals planned out. I could never cut it in a professional kitchen (not enough self-control to avoid double dipping my tasting spoon) so I settle for eating out as much as my wallet allows. I've written restaurant reviews for Time Out London and a number of city guide publishers including Wallpaper* and Louis Vuitton, worked for three years as the Food & Drink editor at Time Out São Paulo, and write about various food-related topics for publications that include The Guardian, Food and Travel Magazine, and BBC Good Food.

I've been in seventh heaven as a judge for Great Taste Awards, and have judged in a number of restaurant and bar awards in my home town of São Paulo, where I'm currently working on a book to explore the dizzying diversity of Brazilian food.  Scroll down for some samples of my writing. 

Alex Atala, of the award-winning São Paulo restaurant D.O.M., opens the door to Brazil’s larder in his glossy coffee table recipe book. Time Out São Paulo, November 2013

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